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Green Roofs: Project Gallery

Green Roof installations are growing across the US and abroad. Here are some highlights of projects grown by Plant Connection.

Citi Field Stadium, NY Mets - Flushing, NY

Installed By Steven Dubner Landscaping

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52nd Street CBS Blackrock Building - New York City

What was once a continuous expanse of stark granite has been transformed into lush plantings comprised of over 400 stainless steel planter boxes. The plantings not only help to soften and enhance the building’s entrance, but create over 1,300 square feet of vegetated space that normally would not exist on this busy midtown street.  

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600 Liberty Ave. - Pittsburgh, PA

Known as the Lantern Building, the 600 Liberty Avenue venue features a green roof that naturally cools the building and lowers energy consumption, as well as addresses storm water management.

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Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) - Atlantic City, NJ

The ACUA wastewater facility is home to the first 2,900 square feet green roof in the area. It will serve as a demonstration project, allowing interested parties to get a close-up look at this green alternative to a traditional roof.

Plant Connection grew and donated the plants and growing medium. The growing system, designed and manufactured by Metro Green Visions and distributed by Plant Connection, was also donated. Steven Dubner Landscaping volunteered the labor for the installation.

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Battery Park Building Three - New York City

Designed and Installed By Steven Dubner Landscaping

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Parkside Victoria

In the autumn of 2009, Streamline teamed up with Paradise Cityscapes to install the Green Roof on the atrium of the Parkside Victoria Resort. The entire 3,000 square-feet was laid by a crew of six in a single day! Pre-vegetated in our Abbotsford nursery, the lightweight, extensive green roof will be the centerpiece of this LEED Platinum building,Given a few weeks of sunlight and rain, the sedum coverage will increase significantly, completing the "seamless" look of the green roof system.

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