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Green Roofs: Maintenance

Does an extensive green roof need maintenance?

ABSOLUTELY! While green roof plants are chosen for their lower maintenance requirements, that does not mean they require no maintenance at all. The same goes for irrigation. Most green roof plantings are drought tolerant, but in order to thrive they may need supplemental irrigation from time to time. An elaborate irrigation system is usually not necessary; just roof access of a hose to water plants during extreme drought conditions is all that is necessary in most cases.

All green roofs, whether pregrown or planted in place require fertilization for the first few years they are establishing in their new environment. They also need time to build up enough organic matter in the soil media from the natural cycles of dieback, decay and rejuvenation of the plant life on the roof until they no longer require fertilization.

All roofs, even in our pregrown system need to be weeded occasionally. The more established and mature your green roof plants are, the fewer weed problems you will have.

Green roof plants need to be inspected for fungal diseases and insect problems on a regular basis.

The drainage system on the roof underneath the green roof modules needs to be inspected regularly to make sure there is no back ups that could cause puddling or pooling. Drought tolerant sedums and other hardy succulents can become diseased or drown in sitting water. The advantage of our modular system is that you can easily lift up one panel to inspect a clogged drain or problem with the membrane below without cutting through multiple layers or a built up green roof system.

We also recommend you install a leak detection system prior to installing the green roof modules. As with the drainage issues, our modular panels can be easily lifted up to inspect leaks right at their source without extensive cutting or searching and are replaced just as easily.

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