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Green Roofs: Pregrown Advantage

Why is it better to pregrow a green roof rather than plant in place?

There are multiple problems with the plant in place process.

  • Labor intensive; hundreds to thousands of plugs have to be brought to the roof and planted manually
  • Plant viability: young, tender plants are being exposed to harsh environment of the roof topwhile they establish
  • Weeding labor: plant-in-place green roof projects require frequent weeding while roof establishes
  • Extra labor for waste removal; pots and trays for plant plugs need to be removed from rooftop after planting
  • Pregrown roof module plants are more mature and require less fertilization once on the rooftop
  • Installation is faster; project looks mature and complete on day of install
  • Plants are well rooted into root stabilization layer; no chance of pulling up and flying off of roof
  • Soil is anchored in by plants, no chance for soil media to erode or fly off the roof.

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