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MGV Green Roof Products

The Metro Green Visions green roof system:

  • Pregrown for extensive applications
  • As the basis under growing media and plant material for intensive green roofs

Advantages of the Metro Green Visions Green Roof Hybrid system:

  • Lightweight Panels are 18" x 18" x 3" depth with removable sides when installed
  • Larger root retention for better stability
  • Pregrown panels require less weeding, fertilizing and labor to establish
  • Neat, fast, and easy installation
  • Flexible, can be cut to any size or shape around curves or obstructions
  • Locally grown for your particular area's climate and hardiness zone
  • Unique design gives it waterwicking and erosion prevention qualities
  • Less expensive than built up systems
  • Individual panels can be removed to detect leaks or drainage problems at later time

  • MG Tray & Wall Assembly without root stabilizer 01.pdf.pdf
  • MG Tray & Wall Assembly without root stabilizer 02.pdf.pdf
  • MG Tray & Wall Assembly without root stabilizer 03.pdf.pdf
  • MG Tray Assembly without root stabilizer 45.pdf
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