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Metro D-LiteTM Green Roof Engineered Soil Media

Three formulations available:

  • Extensive
  • Intensive
  • Custom Blend (to your specifications)

Our locally blended and bagged lightweight soil media is specailly formulated for green roof applications. Competitively pricing and just-in-time deliveries make our green roof soil media the right choice for your next green roof project.

Call today for pricing: 1-888-78PLANT.

Coverage: 1 cubic foot of Metro D-LiteTM covers 4 square feet at 3"

  • 1 pallet: 35 bags
  • Weight of 1 Cubic foot bag: appx. 60lbs
  • Metro D-LiteTM weight when fully vegetated (mix of sedum) 3" of soil and fully saturated: 15 - 20 pounds per square foot

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