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G-O2® Remote Monitoring Solutions

G-O2® Living Wall Systems have an optional Remote Monitoring Software Solution to help you maintain your living walls more effectively. Specialized sensors record the soil temperature, soil moisture levels, and fertilizer levels of your living wall 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Information is recorded and transmitted to a web-based software platform where you can be in touch with the vital signs of your green wall from anywhere you have Internet access. This helps PCI support our maintenance teams to optimize the health of the living wall plants and to water and fertilize them more efficiently. Please contact us for more information about this exciting technological breakthrough in living wall management.

G-O2® Technical Information

G-O2® Living Wall product details, specifications, and typical drawings are now available in PDF format. If you have a custom project and need drawings, our engineers can provide this service for you. Please contact us.

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