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How the G-O2® Living Wall System Works

Why don't the plants fall out of the green wall?

Our patented fabricated metal G-O2® Living Wall panels have a framework that holds the plants in place until they have rooted. The G-O2® Living Wall panels are grown laying down horizontally at first in the controlled environment of our greenhouse, or a greenhouse supervised by PCI. Once the plants mature and have rooted into the green wall panels (several weeks), the plants are anchored into the specialized media and structure of the system. The growth of the root system also expands the soil volume so it pushes against the walls of the G-O2® Living Wall panel, preventing the plants from falling out when the panels are turned vertically.

How do you attach the green wall panels to the wall?

The G-O2® Living Wall panels are hung on a simple G-O2® Bracket System that attaches easily to most surfaces, whether indoor or outdoor. A waterproofing membrane is recommended on the surface behind the mounting brackets for interior applications. Due to the unique design of the bracket system, the green wall panels sit off the wall 1", ensuring that they never touch the surface to which they are mounted. This allows for adequate airflow between the living wall and the mounting surface, and prevents condensation on the back of the panels from ever touching the wall surface behind them.

Each panel is hung individually on the brackets, allowing for ease of installation and ease of replacement or adjustment at any time after they are installed. Panels do not interlock or stack on top of one another; each is hung like a picture frame on a wall and then align side by side to create an entire wall of plants.

How do you water the green wall?

Because plants are living things that need water to survive, our G-O2® Living Wall system is installed with a built-in irrigation system. You wouldn't put in a new lawn without a sprinkler system, would you? The G-O2® Living Wall panels have notches on the top of each and every panel to accommodate 12mm drip irrigation tubing. The panels have cutouts every 6" that line up with the drip irrigation's pressure compensating emitters that allow for free flow of water through each panel. Gravity and capillary action in the soil media allow water to flow freely throughout the entire panel and through the bottom of the panels where they are emptied onto the ground or into our specially engineered catch basins. Additionally, our new patented panel feature wicks and retains soil moisture for optimal plant health.

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G-O2® Living Walls Patented in Canada and The United States of America.

US PAT. NO. 8,984,808.