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2017-02-15: Philly's Market Street Gets Green Face-lift

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Independence Blue Cross gave its 1901 Market Street outdoor plaza space a “green face-lift.” Nothing more visually states a company's green branding than installing two exterior 18' tall living walls! 

The G-O2® green walls span a total of 32 feet and provide a splendid visual contrast to the richly colored Trespa panel accent wall that surrounds it. Building occupants now have verdant views to the living walls below, and plaza visitors can take a refreshing break outside in an inviting space.

2016-09-14: Yahoo! for Going Greener with G-O2® Green Walls

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Yahoo! incorporated a G-O2® Living Wall into their utility space because they were interested in increasing their “green” presence. They felt the gorgeous new building for their data center in upstate New York would be a perfect spot. 

Not only would the living wall provide them the “green” exposure they desired, they also felt it would greatly contribute to the aesthetic beauty of their new Y!CC Facility, which uses 40% less energy and 95% less water than conventional facilities.

2016-07-29: WTC G-O2® Living Wall at Liberty Park

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Plant Connection is extremely proud to announce that their patented G-O2® Living Wall System was revealed at the opening of the World Trade Center’s Liberty Park on June 29, 2016.

The multihued 25 feet high and 336 feet long G-O2® Living Wall transforms the prosaic walls and garage entrances leading to the network of underground roadways and loading docks. The living wall plantings were designed in a staggered, horizontal grid to complement the 9/11 Memorial across Liberty Street. 

2015-05-20: Newark's Largest Living Wall

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After two years in the making, Prudential Newark’s G-O2® living wall is completed! Located on the corner of Broad Street and West Park Street, the green wall spans 32’ x 55’ in the new plaza, and faces the main entrance of the state-of-the-art office building.

The G-O2® Living Wall, along with the other green architecture at Prudential’s new Tower and Plaza will set a high standard for sustainable development in the area.

2014-10-23: G-O2® Living Wall Goes Spiral

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The Village School, located in New Jersey, was expanding and installing a new gym. Where the buildings marry, the Village School wanted to enhance the transitional space for students by incorporating a living wall.

Standing 7’ tall by 4’ wide, the G-O2® Living Wall offers an exciting surprise for Pre-K-8 learners. Drawing on inspiration from the Montessori School’s philosophy, our living wall designer designed the plants in a spiral to represent the spiral of learning curriculum. Everything is interrelated. One lesson leads to many others…

2014-07-22: Staycation All I Ever Wanted

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You don’t have to travel far to find beauty and peace, or break the bank. The key is to maximize on the space you already have and tailor it to your needs.

From providing privacy, growing herbs for cooking, or having plants in spaces that wouldn’t normally allow, living walls provide the missing vertical link to enhance your staycation, and make that sanctuary just steps away…

2014-03-19: Behind the Living Wall Scenes on Treehouse Masters

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Plant Connection reveals what it was like filming and installing a living wall on a treehouse, as well as how great it was working with Tree Whisperer, Pete Nelson and his entire talented team!

PCI is very grateful for the opportunity to be included on the show. We hope the family enjoys the living wall and the treehouse for years to come. And, we hope when people watch the show, it inspires them to think outside - and on the wall!

2013-11-13: Green Wall for Growing Learning

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Students are now learning hands-on! Science Lab instructor, Marianne Welter, believes students will have a different type of learning experience if they physically understand how and why a green wall helps our environment.

The living wall gives students an opportunity to plant and physically monitor growth changes, plant structure, and functions to plants during different seasons.

2013-10-08: Bean Town Becomes Green Town

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St. James Ave. is now the home of a new plaza located in Boston’s historic Back Bay. Aside from a custom-designed water feature, lush plantings, stone seat cubes, and distinctive lighting, the site also boasts multi-dimensional G-O2® Living Walls that draw you into the space.

The offices within the buildings surrounding the plaza all have views onto the St. James Garden. Therefore, the park had to be attractive from above. Green roof panels were incorporated on top of the living walls to provide a solid green, visually appealing view to look great from above.

2013-07-11: 200' Long G-O2® Living Wall Creates Lasting Impression

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One block long and with very limited space and light, an extraordinary 12' high, 200' long G-O2® Living Wall of evergreen plant material has become a major contributor to the rebranding and place-making of Gracie Mews.

Residents now have gained a sense of place upon entering the building, as opposed to an uneventful corridor. The simple, crisp modernist approach to the monoculture planting has brought clarity and sophistication to this new entrance experience.

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